Never worry about your infrastructure again.

Gandalf is your superhuman AI-powered DevOps engineer. He manages your operations so your team can focus on your product.

Bring Your Own Cloud

Gandalf can work with your existing infrastructure—whether it's on Amazon, Google, Azure, or your own private servers. You always remain in full control of your infrastructure.

Embrace Best Practices

You can adopt best practices like containerization, CI/CD, autoscaling, centralized logging, and automatic failover without any extra effort—Gandalf handles it for you.

Reach Gandalf Anytime, Anywhere

Gandalf is available 24/7 wherever you need him—via Slack, IRC, email, SMS, or carrier pidgeons.

Eliminate Downtime

If anything goes wrong with your site, Gandalf automatically works to fix it and notifies an experienced DevOps engineer on our team if it can't resolve the problem automatically.